The Worker’s Advocate


Most people who contact me do not want to hire a lawyer. Most people simply want to have their medical bills paid, to receive the best medical care for their injuries, and to be treated fairly. I fight hard to make sure that my clients receive all benefits to which they are entitled. I aggressively pursue my client’s benefits for them. I lead them through the process to maximize their recovery and to see that they receive all medical care they need for their injuries.

Over the past 24 years, I have represented individuals in all walks of life. Most of my clients are working men and women who perform physical labor to provide products and services to the general public. Because of the physical demands of their jobs, hard working men and women are sometimes injured and require medical treatment.

It surprises me when employers and workers’ compensation carriers will automatically suspect that an injured client is faking their injury or is looking for a way to get out of work. This is especially surprising because the injury takes place when they are at work.

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that surrounds workers’ compensation. This perception sometimes prevents people from seeking treatment immediately for their injuries. Some employers practice intimidation and harassment, while others try to control the injured worker’s ability to receive medical treatment. As I always point out to my clients, your health and wellbeing is the most important consideration you should have when you are injured at work. Regardless of your employment situation, you should always seek medical care as early as possible following an injury, whether it is caused by repetitive trauma or a single traumatic event or accident.

Most people who contact me do not want to get a lawyer to help them. I understand this. Most of them simply want their medical bills to be paid or want to make sure that they receive the medical care that they need for their injuries. They work with their employers to ensure a safe work environment. They hope that they will be treated fairly if they are injured at work.

I graduated from high school in Carlyle, Illinois where many of my classmates lived on farms. I would bail hay in the summer and work in local factories to pay for college. I clearly understand what it means to work hard on a day-to-day basis and I know what it means to work a 12-hour shift on a production line. It takes everything one’s body can tolerate when you are young and healthy. It becomes increasingly difficult as we grow older. Injuries only add to the difficulties involved in performing manual physical labor.

When choosing an attorney, consideration should be given to the attorney’s track record, experience, and philosophy. My personal philosophy is to work as hard as I can for my client and to try and treat each one of them as I would treat a brother or sister. This philosophy is consistent with my religious beliefs and the moral principle that we should help those that are less fortunate than ourselves. Since my clients are injured when they contact me, they are already less fortunate than I am. I am happy that I can help them. I am privileged to act as their advocate.

Fritz Levenhagen